The "March Madness" Customer Loyalty Selfmailer is coupled with a Sweepstakes Give-Away Promotion to create Walk-In Traffic for your dealership with a Lucky Number and Chance to Win The Big Game Tickets. Consumers are directed to visit the dealership showroom in order to match up their "Lucky Number", which gives you the chance to land a new sale. This mailer appeals to both sports enthusiasts and their loved ones who often times jump at the opportunity for a chance to win game tickets, especially to popular events. Tickets or Insurance to cover the cost of tickets are sold separately as an add-on.





  • 8.5x11 Bifolded Selfmailer 4/4 Color
  • Printed with 80-lb. Glossy Cover Stock
  • Variable Data Targeted Name
  • Dealer Database List
  • Orders Under 7500 Priority Standard Postage
  • Order 7500+ Standard Drop Ship Postage

Optional Add-ons:


  • PURL Mini-Website with Consumer Name in URL
  • Premium Event Tickets or Insurance Available
8.5 x 11 "March Madness" Sweepstakes Trade-In Selfmailer
  • 8.5 x 11 "March Madness" Sweepstakes Trade-In Selfmailer
Product Information
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Buy back and trade in direct mail advertising is an excellent way to invite target consumers in to your dealership. Offering an incentive to visiting consumers such as a sweepstakes to win game tickets, cruise tickets, cash prizes or highly desired electronic devices such as an Apple iPad, or even a new car will result in helping your bottom line. Prizes are insurable for a fraction of the total prize amount, ensuring you are able to offer great prizes without the worry of footing the bill, should a prize winner come in to your dealership showroom.