The tax season is the time of year to bring in more ups by offering to perform tax filings right in your dealership! Let local consumers know that they can bring in their tax return or W4 to your showroom and leave with a vehicle by sending out a Taxt Time Promotion mailer! Printed in a 8.5" by 14" size and tri-folded to fit inside of a 6" by 9" double window envelope with live stamp!





  • 8.5x14 Promotion Letter
  • 4/4 Full Color Front & Back
  • Printed on 70-lb. Offset Text
  • Mailed in 6x9 Double Window Envelope
  • Live Stamp
  • Order Under 7500 Priority Standard Postage
  • Order 7500+ Standard Drop Ship Postage
Tax Season Direct Mail Automotive
  • Tax Time Direct Mailing Promotion
  • Tax Season Promotion Direct Mailer
Product Information
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