Our "Name in the Sky" mailer is designed to offer a premium option travel voucher. It uses variable data to print the target consumer's name right on the mailer for instant recognition. Attract walk-ins and phone calls to your dealership by offering a special promotion giveaway. A personalized website URL that can assist in the capture of sales leads, also has available a QR Code option that allows smart phone users to scan a specialized bar code, directing them to their very own version of your landing page. One of our best performing mailers, the “Name in the Sky” promotional mailer is an all inclusive layout with Buy-Back Notice, Special Financing, PURL, Toll Free BDC, Variable Data and Promotional Give-Away. This mailer can be customized with any options and designed to fit your own business model and branding.





  • 8.5x11 Bi-folded Selfmailer
  • Printed on Gloss Coated 80-lb. Cover Stock
  • Full Color 4/4 Both Sides
  • Model Credit Mailing List
  • Orders Under 7500 Priority Standard Postage
  • Orders 7500+ Standard Drop Ship Postage



  • Travel Voucher Certificates
  • pURLs with Consumer Name
8.5 x 11 Bifold Special Finance Selfmailer "Name in the Sky" Travel Voucher Promotion
  • 8.5 x 11 Bifold Special Finance Selfmailer "Name in the Sky" Travel Voucher Promotion
Product Information
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Our online tools allow you to track responses from direct mail advertising. Mail tracking will provide delivery information for every piece mailed, so you will know when your campaign drops and when it is finished. We also provide Automotive BDC Toll Free Phone Numbers that can greet a consumer with a custom message and automatically transfer them or record the consumer's message, of course all calls are time stamped, recorded and made available online for your review. PURLs are a great way to generate sales leads from direct mail marketing, we provide a customized variable data website URL that contains each consumer's real name. Once a PURL is visited, the visit to that URL is logged and when a visiting consumer completes the contact form or survey, their informagtion is stored and made available for you to export and save. Tracking tools are used by most of our clients to keep track of their compaign responses.