This 4" x 6" Laminated Plastic Postcard Mailer is an effective solution for the automotive service industry. Designed with a die cut business card that is perforated for your customers to pop out and keep in their wallet just like a credit card. Our laminate mailer cards can even be cut with a mini-key ring version. Many clients use these cards to give consumers the feeling of being part of an exclusive discount VIP club, enjoying the benefits of club discounts. Consumers will often give their plastic discount cards to members of their family and friends, which generates more business for your company!





  • Plastic 4" x 6" Postcard Mailer
  • 30mil Thickness (Same as Credit Card)
  • Die Cut Business Cards
  • Die Cut Pop-out with or without Key Tags
  • 1st Class USPS Postage
Plastic Postcard Mailer
  • Die Cut Business Cards
Product Information
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These cards can be mailed to any type of list and can also be printed without addresses to give-away to current customers in your car shop or dealership. Plastic laminated direct mail advertising mailers can be 22mil thick or 32mil for an extra rigid look and feel. Laminated plastic direct mailers are coated to become glossy and virtually unbendable, they are unique from other mailers and receive a high open rate when compared to standard campaigns.