PURLs are specially designed micro-websites with a consumer's real name in the actual URL of the website. The URL is created using variable data, then a website is dynamically generated with options that you desire for your specific PURL campaign. We can also link personalized URLs to a static website that depicts just about any information you would like to display to consumers who visit their PURL. Another great way to link target consumers to their personalized URL is to use a QR Code printed right on their mail piece. A QR Code is a cell phone scannable barcode that will link any smart phone user directly to their own PURL.



PURL Options:


  • Giveaway Drawing Dates
  • Car Loan Calculator
  • Survery Questionnaire
  • Incentives to Visit
  • QR Code Smartphone Link
  • Static Website
  • Dynamic Website
  • Variable Data Options
  • Map of Dealership Location
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