Selecting a mortgage mailing list will bring homeowners into your dealerships that are ready to buy. Census results in the United States show that over 60% of homeowners are families with higher than average income levels. Mortgage holders have more buying power than renters with a greater need to buy for their family. Many mortgage holders are ready to sign on the dotted line with equity waiting for cash buys, let them know you are nearby with direct mail advertising. Leads can be generated on a subscription basis for weekly or monthly appends, or generated anytime you may need them. All of our mailers can be custom designed to target new mortgage signers, or we can design a creative direct mail advertisement that is unique to your dealership. Our mortgage mailing lists are compiled from the county tax assessor’s public records which include transaction data and characteristics of properties. Our databases are updated monthly with new homeowners giving you fresh leads in your area.

Mortgage Mailing List
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