Add gift card add-ons for local stores such as Target gift cards or Best Buy, to give away to consumers that come in for test drives. We also offer a premium Discover logo card, which can be used as a pre-paid card or a secured credit line to entice consumers to come into your showroom and do a test drive and receive a real card to walk away with. The gift card and Discover card promotions are designed to either be included as a dummy plastic card inside of an envelope with your mailer or simply printed on the mailer itself. The dummy card option can be an excellent way to get more ups when a consumer receives their mailer and feels that something is inside, a higher response rate is generated, bringing consumers into your showroom for a test drive to get their gift card, of course you will see such a high response rate, you will be able to give away gift cards only while supplies last!





  • Dummy Plastic Card Printing
  • Local Store Gift Cards
  • Paper Printed Card Mailer
Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Faux Plastic Cards
  • Discover Logo Gift Cards or Local Store Gift Cards
  • Discover Logo Gift Cards or Local Store Gift Cards
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