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Please note that checkout must be completed per each list, reloading the page or selecting a different list type will overwrite your current selections.
Please allow a few moments to process in between clicks or requests.

Select Geography according to options available, then select Demographics (or Selects) according to options available.

You may need to click 'Add Radius' and/or click 'Update' to update your counts after selecting changes to Geography or Demographics.

To complete checkout, click 'Check Out', enter a unique order name, followed by clicking 'List Selection Complete'. Mailing list will be added to your cart for checkout.

Once checkout is complete, your mailing list will be generated through our system for use with your direct mail campaign and made available to you upon request.

Example Usage:
Click 'Business List' > Click 'Radius' > Enter 33064 in the ZIP Code field > Enter 10 Miles > Click 'Add Radius'
Click 'Selects' > Click 'Industry Category List' > Checkmark '54 Food Stores' > Click 'Update'
Results in 347,501 Food Stores within a 10-mile radius of zip code 33064.