The "Vanity Plate" Buy-Back Notice Selfmailer comes with Variable Data of the targeted Consumer's Name on the License Plate. Optional Year, Make, Model list and Auto Library will display a variable image for each targeted consumer's currently owned vehicle. Optional Appended Kelley Blue Book or Black Book trade-in values to make a solid buy back offer. Designed to draw foot traffic into your dealership and capture sales leads through Personalized Website URLs, this buy back mailer can be customized to fit your dealership choice of automotive branding, fully customizable.





  • 8.5x11 Bi-folded Selfmailer
  • Customized 4/4 Color Artwork
  • Printed with Gloss Coated 80-lb. Cover Stock
  • Saves on Postage Mails as a Letter at 5.5x8.5
  • Variable Data Driven Content Inside & Outside
  • Orders Under 7500 Priority Standard Postage
  • Orders of 7500+ Standard Drop Ship Postage

Options to Add-on:


  • Year Make and Model Database List
  • Appended KBB or Black Book Trade-in Values
  • Personal Website URL with Consumer's Name (PURL)
  • Auto Library (Variable Image Library)
Buy Back Automotive Direct Mail Advertising
  • 8.5 x 11 Bi-fold Buy Back Notice Mailer "Vanity Plate"
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Brand: Ford

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Variable data direct mailers offer a way to grab the target consumer's attention, one way to get noticed is to send your direct mail advertising with the addressee's real name in large noticeable print right on the front of the advertisement. Several of our similar direct mail advertising pieces are available to review in our online store. Variable data brings a personal touch to direct mail marketing connecting your brand with the consumer.