Add-ons & Premiums

Premium options and add-ons are an excellent way to stand out from your competitors, increasing chances to capture sales leads. We can add the examples of premiums and add-ons to customize just about any mailer available on our site, or we can incorporate them into your own design ideas and layouts.


  • QR Codes (SmartPhone Barcodes)
  • pURLs (Personalized Micro-Websites)
  • Scratch Off Foil
  • Variable Data (Maps, Year-Make-Model)
  • Post-It Notes
  • Business Cards
  • Toll-Free Automotive BDC
  • Die-Cut Plastic Laminated Cards
  • Checkbook Road Check Vouchers
  • Visa Pre-paid Debit Cards
  • Intellikey Key Fobs
  • Codekase Digital Codes
  • Travel Vouchers
  • Big Game Tickets
  • Gift Card Giveaways
  • Gold & Silver Coins
  • Mailing List Options
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PURLS Personalized URLs
Personalized URLs (PURLs) are also called Campaign URLs (CURLs); they are basically website URLs wit..
Automotive QR Codes
Automotive QR Codes are useful for new or existing websites; they are scannable with smart phones, o..
Automotive BDC Toll-Free Phone Number
We offer Toll-Free Phone Numbers through our Automotive BDC (Business Development Center). Adding a ..
Map Location
Our direct mail tips the scale with the latest technology enabling us to include special options lik..
Automotive Direct Mail Marketing Faux Plastic Cards
Add gift card add-ons for local stores such as Target gift cards or Best Buy, to give away to consum..
Black Tip Auto Key
The black tip key is an excellent way to get your mailer piece noticed. We mail the key inside of en..
Business Card Mailers Add-On
Our business card mailers add-on is for orders being placed with our direct mail examples available ..
Post-It Sticky Notes
Direct mail with a sticky note as a personal touch, consumers feel as if the letter they received wa..
24k Gold Plated Troy Ounce Bar
One of our gold plated options to coincide with your mailer campaign as a giveaway option for consum..
Gold Plated Coins with Serial #
Add a premium gold plated coin option for a giveaway for when consumers come in to your automotive d..
Foil Scratch Off
Foil scratch offs are printed with our thermo-type foil printers, which makes applying them to any m..
Every Card is a Winner Game
These games are designed to generate a response from every consumer by making everyone a winner! Eac..
Special Event Sweepstakes Giveaway Tickets
Many automotive dealerships sponsor sweepstakes and giveaways, where they would offer special event ..
Contest Sweepstakes Giveaway Insurance
Sweepstakes insurance provides a cheap alternative to paying a contest winner from your own pocket. ..