One of our variable buy back direct mailers, fully customizable with your own incentives, company branding and sales event title and printed on 70-lb. offset text and mailed inside of a #10 window envelope, this mailer advertises a Trade In and Trade Up sales event, with incentive to come to the dealership in order to match an included puzzle piece to the 20 x 42 prize board residing inside the dealership showroom. You choose what to give away to consumers with the matching puzzle piece, prize insurance is available.





  • 8.5" x 14" Fold-over
  • 4/0 Full Color One Side
  • 80lb. Glossy Text
  • #10 Window Envelope
  • Variable Data
  • Year Make and Model with Appended Values
  • Customized Puzzle Piece
  • Standard Dropship Postage

Add-On Options:


  • PURL Additional
  • 20" x 42" Prize Board for Showroom Additional
Trade In and Trade Up Direct Mailer with Puzzle Piece
Product Information
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