One of several Bankruptcy Marketing designs, able to be customized with layout changes, color, or text content desired. Created to target Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 released consumers, this mailer prints as an 8.5" by 11" tri-fold on 70-lb. offset text and mailed inside of an official looking brown-kraft envelope. Several of our clients get a head start on their competition by sending out discharged bankruptcy mailers weeks before consumers are actually discharged, letting them know that their next opportunity for credit repair is coming up.





  • #10 Brownkraft Envelope
  • 8.5" x 11" Mailer
  • Prints in 4/0 Color
  • Printed on 70-lb. Offset Text
  • Bankruptcy Mailing List
  • Orders under 7500 Priority Standard Postage
  • Orders 7500+ Standard Drop Ship Postage
Bankruptcy Marketing Promotion Mailers
  • Bankruptcy Mailers Promotion
  • Bankruptcy Mailing Lists Envelope
Product Information
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We mail bankruptcy mailers inside of brownkraft envelopes to provide an official look, which gets them opened. Bankruptcy released consumers are more open to financing a new vehicle once their bankruptcy chapter ends; they generally also have a trade-in, which can assist in getting them into a new contract. We customize each of our mailers to your dealership brand when you place an order. Most of our mailers available online are ready to be mailed as-is, or we can customize them with your own automotive direct mail marketing ideas.