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Kia Marketing Snap Pack Mailer Sample for Automotive Direct Mail Advertising
One of our Kia marketing solutions for your next automotive direct mail advertising campaign. This sample is a snap pack mailer, with glued and perforated sides, the target consumer must tear open thi..
8.5 x 11 Bi-fold Buy Back Notice Mailer "Vanity Plate"
The "Vanity Plate" Buy-Back Notice Selfmailer comes with Variable Data of the targeted Consumer's Name on the License Plate. Optional Year, Make, Model list and Auto Library will display a variable im..
8.5 x 14 Income Tax Return 2X for Automotive Direct Mail Advertising
  Automotive direct mail is important to obtain fresh leads and showroom walk-ins. Target consumers with an offer that they simply cannot resist by doubling their Income Tax Return and applyin..
8.5 x 14 Income Tax Return Pre-Qualified Notice for Automotive Direct Mail Advertising
Income tax return season is the perfect time for automotive direct mail advertising. This pre-qualified notice mails inside of a #10 full view window envelope and is designed to appear important and o..
8.5 x 14 Snap Apart Double Income Tax Return 100% MSRP Self Mailer for Automotive Direct Mail Marketing
Mailed as an official looking snap mailer, three-sides must be torn off in order to be read, this direct mailer design gets a high response! We custom design all of our automotive direct mail marketin..
Black Tip Auto Key
The black tip key is an excellent way to get your mailer piece noticed. We mail the key inside of envelopes and attached to your direct mail piece, this practice prevents damage and lost keys and also..
8.5 x 11 Bi-Fold Buy Back Selfmailer "Name in the Sky"
The "Name in the Sky" Buy-Back Self-mailer with optional Service Voucher Check Book and included Variable Data Options can be customized for your company's vehicle brand of choice. A buy back notice l..
Business Card Mailers Add-On
Our business card mailers add-on is for orders being placed with our direct mail examples available online. If you are simply looking for customized business cards and are not creating a direct mail m..
8.5 x 11 Buy Back Selfmailer "Name in the Sand"
The "Name in the Sand" is another of our Buy-back Selfmailers with Variable Data Options Available. Selfmailers are designed to be mailed without the use of a envelope, allowing you to save costs and ..
Post-It Sticky Notes
Direct mail with a sticky note as a personal touch, consumers feel as if the letter they received was put together just for them when they see a post-it note with script style writing. Many clients in..
24k Gold Plated Troy Ounce Bar
One of our gold plated options to coincide with your mailer campaign as a giveaway option for consumers that come in to test drive a vehicle from your showroom. These 24k gold plated bars come seriali..
8.5 x 14 Tax Time Promotion with Double Window Envelope
The tax season is the time of year to bring in more ups by offering to perform tax filings right in your dealership! Let local consumers know that they can bring in their tax return or W4 to your show..
9 x 12 Buy Back 100% MSRP Selfmailer "Name on Street Sign"
One of our many Buy-Back Selfmailers designed to target consumers with existing vehicles for trade in. This mailer features 100% MSRP Buy Back with "Name on Street Sign" Variable Data to grab the cons..
8.5 x 14 Dealership Holiday Card Seasonal Promotion
Its that time of year, when dealerships see their biggest sales increase! Remind your loyal customers and gain new sales leads by sending out a Holiday Card Promotion. Include a Gift Card for consumer..
Gold Plated Coins with Serial #
Add a premium gold plated coin option for a giveaway for when consumers come in to your automotive dealership for a test drive. These coins are a great promotion piece for dealers to lure in more dire..
9 x 12 Buy-Back Selfmailer "Name on Street Sign" 100% MSRP
Designed to entice targeted consumers by instant name and vehicle recognition, this direct mail advertising piece offers 100% MSRP on trade-in vehicles. Prints as a bi-folded 9" by 12" and printed on ..
Foil Scratch Off
Foil scratch offs are printed with our thermo-type foil printers, which makes applying them to any mailer a simple process. Scratch off foil is used for prize and sweepstakes giveaways, designed to in..
Every Card is a Winner Game
These games are designed to generate a response from every consumer by making everyone a winner! Each targeted direct mail consumer will feel extra special when they find out that they are a winner! D..
Special Event Sweepstakes Giveaway Tickets
Many automotive dealerships sponsor sweepstakes and giveaways, where they would offer special event tickets. Mailers are designed around the “For a chance to win” concept; consumers are typically dire..
8.5 x 11 Discharge Ch. 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Marketing Mailers
One of several Bankruptcy Marketing designs, able to be customized with layout changes, color, or text content desired. Created to target Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 released consumers, this mailer print..
Contest Sweepstakes Giveaway Insurance
Sweepstakes insurance provides a cheap alternative to paying a contest winner from your own pocket. Many dealerships offer a car giveaway or sweepstakes with their direct mail campaign, don’t get stuc..
8.5 x 11 Bankruptcy Special Financing Mailers
Targeted bankruptcy mailers for discharged Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 consumers are an excellent leads generator. Most consumers who have recently come out of a bankruptcy are looking to rebuild their c..