This #10 Brown-Kraft Envelope comes with a 2-sided printing option - which can be filled with custom text or artwork, or addressed to your mailing list(s). The back side flap is typically utilized for the return address, though if printing a return address in the standard front upper left position of your envelope(s), there's no need to also print the return address on the back side, leaving more space for custom designs. We can include 1-color print designs which can be black, red, or any color you desire.





  • #10 Brownkraft Envelope(s)
  • 2-Sided Printing
  • Non-Window Version
  • 1-Color Both Sides



  • Variable Data Options
  • Custom Designing Available
  • Use your own Layout
#10 Brown Kraft Non-Window 1-Color 2-Sided
  • #10 Brown Kraft Non-Window 1-Color 2-Sided
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